Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Presidential line of succession.

Put your seat belts on so you don't fall out of your chair.

Tim Geithner is 5th in presidential succession. He is not even in the same league with Sec of Treasury Alexander Hamilton.

It is bad enough having Nancy Pelosi and Robert Byrd #2 and #3. Not to mention Joe Biden.

1 Vice President Joe Biden
2 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
3 Senate President pro tempore Robert Byrd
4 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
5 Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner


  1. You forgot Ralph Nader on the list.

  2. I find it very interesting how quiet the #4 person on the list has been this far in the presidency

  3. #4 is training to be president- in her mind...

  4. Yeah, pfft, women...