Thursday, August 6, 2009

Healthcare reform made easy

Let’s simplify the debate on healthcare reform with some practical economics.

Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies provide a service, just like automobile salesman and car dealerships. Consumers freely decide what car they want to buy based on what they need and can afford.

Consumers freely choose the type of car, salesman, and dealer they choose to do business with based on personal needs. Competition, supply, and demand have created the highest quality, lowest cost autos for all consumers.

This has allowed even the “poor” to have the ability to afford and own a car. This has occurred because in America, a company that can't compete in the marketplace is allowed to go out of business.

This frees up resources so they can be more efficiently used by more productive businesses.

In short, the free market capitalism works when consumers have the freedom to choose which car and dealer they want to have serve them.

For years, the government has been in the business of healthcare, i.e. Medicare, Medicaid; and insurance, i.e. Social Security.

The result has been less competition, less supply, increased demand, higher costs, and staggering deficits.

In short, government run or regulated businesses have been inefficient, ineffective, and have severely harmed the economy at a significant cost of personal freedom.

And what has been the result?

Government never goes out of business no matter how inefficient they are, i.e. Fannie Mae, D.M.V., Postal Service, etc.

In fact, they have the audacity to say they need more power and control to fix the inefficiencies they caused in the healthcare and insurance industries in the first place!

The government, now in the automobile business, wants to take over the entire healthcare industry.

The result will be less freedom, less competition, increased demand, lower quality, higher costs, and massive debts that may bankrupt the nation.

In short, the government “solution” may cost you your life and will certainly cost you your freedom.

The solution is simple.

Government must get out of the healthcare and insurance business and allow consumers to freely choose and businesses to freely compete to provide services like healthcare, insurance, and automobiles.

Free market entrepreneurial capitalism works in providing for the most with the least.

It’s just that simple.


  1. No longer can we ask, "Who is John Galt?" We must now ask, "Where is John Galt?"

  2. John Galt has his money under his mattress and is awaiting for the obama acorns or other arm twisting left wing organization to finish off atlas and the UNITED STATES

  3. Galt's money was gold. He would be ridiculed for not using the government's fiat money and would be simultaneously taxed for the capital gains of his gold currency! It's a lose/lose situation, but in the end, John Galt and the lovers of liberty around the world are the real winners.

  4. The government is also involved in public education and see how well that is doing in certain sectors of the US

  5. Bravo Dean!!!!
    Social Democracy didn't work well under Hitler and I doubt it will work under Obama!!!!