Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do you fight a war?

George Will is correct, Things will not end well in Afganistan. As I have stated in prior posts, we need to punish, contain, and control the extreamist elements in Afganistan, Pakistan, and for that matter all around the globe. This can be done without nation building, extensive troop involvement and protracted stays of "boots on the ground." America is fully capable, thank you very much, of handling any conflict, bully, or thug any time and any where on the earth quickly, and might I say painfully, so that our enemies will think twice about attacking us again.

We have forgotten what war is and replaced it with a vision that believes it can be waged nicely. We have been led to believe war means building schools, planting crops and healing old wounds. We have become soft, and that makes us a easy target to fight because the enemy actually believe they can win.

The real question is: are we willing to really take the fight to the enemy and bomb them into oblivion with assurances that any other bad behavior will be met with a similar fate; or are we going to continue to pretend to be diplomatic and play nice with world opinion and to people who think it proper to strap bombs to their chests to blow up in crowds of innocent people.

We must turn the tide by appealing to the basic human self interest and instinct to survive. Sure there will be a few nut cases who actually believe in radical theology or who are psychotic and diseased with evil. But for the rest of the enemy, my guess is that a lot of shock and awe will quickly awaken the reality that lies just below their clouded worldview.

The current course in Afghanistan will not succeed. This is not however a question of being anti or pro-war; it is a question of understanding and believing in the moral imperative of destroying evil.

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