Friday, February 26, 2010

The Toyota Shakedown

The facts:

20,451,000 Toyotas sold in U.S between 2000-2009

34 deaths reported because of potential problems with recalled Toyotas from 2000-2009

Or 1 death per 601,500 cars sold

Or 3.4 deaths/avg. per year

Compared to 110 deaths in 1999 to occupants of animal drawn vehicles

The conclusion:

Toyota does not have a safety problem

In fact we should marvel at the safety record

One needs to ask: who will gain from encouraging the so called “safety problems?”

Sources: NTSB, NCHS, NSC, US Census Bureau, CNN


  1. Who knew Toyota would care about the safety of their customers?

  2. I'll venture a guess as to who would benefit from Toyota's bad PR as a result of their "safety problems"... maybe GM?
    Wait, is that General Motors, or Government Motors?
    It's like having the referee play for the other team.