Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Michelle's strange psychology

I am confused. If Michelle Obama was raised by her father Fraser Robinson,..

Who according to Rich Lowry in National Review, citing Michelle Obama’s DNC speech, had an: 
insistence on paying his small portion of her college-tuition bills on time, because “that’s what it meant to be a man.” 
Who led a life of self-sacrifice. He was a working-class father who raised two Princeton University graduates. 
Who was a high-school-educated man who married and stayed married, who worked and kept working despite considerable adversity. Whatever his relative lack of education and skills, he was a hero of character, shaped by mores that have been eroding for decades. 
(Who) according to Michelle’s convention speech and to published accounts, her father was a pump operator at the city water plant in Chicago. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as a young man and still got up to work every day. The first lady described how she watched him “grab his walker, prop himself against the sink, and slowly shave and button his uniform.” When he came home, he’d reach down to lift one leg after another to make it up the stairs and greet his kids. 
It’s difficult to imagine a more affecting depiction of everyday dutifulness than that. With his wife of 31 years, Marian, Robinson built a family deeply invested in his children’s future. 
Too few men in his position now do the same. Forty years ago, Fraser Robinson left for work in pain every day — walking on two canes — and now a small army of his fellow Americans schemes to get paid for doing nothing. 
Through his faithfulness, Fraser Robinson gave Michelle and her brother an incalculable gift. That being according to Susan Meyer, “The parental characteristics that employers value and are willing to pay for, such as skills, diligence, honesty, good health, and reliability, also improve children’s life chances, independent of their effect on parents’ income,”
…then why would Michelle marry and tolerate her husband, President Barack Obama’s actions and record in office; which goes against everything she was taught by her courageous father she so obviously admires and loves? It really is a confusing nature/nurture question that offers what I am sure is a fascinating answer.

Generational consistency strengthens a nation. In this case much of it must have been lost.

I’m saddened for the culture of our nation to lose such values. It's a shame her two children may never get to learn the lessons from their father the first lady should have learned from her's.

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  1. What is your point???? Obama is also a hard working husband and father. He also has a very important quality for his family and all citizens of this country-COMPASSION. The first lady's father and her husband have many qualities that are the same: dedication to family and spouse, integrity, a strong work ethic, concern for fellow Americans, etc. Also, are you sayinig that the Obama children should not have the good fortunes that they have...those both their parents worked to achieve?????