Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Government do-gooders

The government promotes cash for clunkers, destroying a good (cars) that are naturally recycled because it is efficient to do so, yet demands that we recycle goods (paper, plastic) that are inefficient to recycle. How intellectually dishonest.

The government thus takes the least expensive cars off the street and then tells the people, who they just left walking- because they can't afford the more expensive vehicles that are left for sale- they are looking out for them. How condescending.

In the mean time, taxpayers are incentivizing and subsidizing fellow citizens who already have cars, into buying a new car they otherwise could not afford, or would not buy. This moves resources to fill needs that otherwise would have not existed without a government program. How arrogant.

The end result is a waste of scarce resources, less economic growth over time and a smaller pie from which everyone feeds. How callous.

In short, cash for clunkers inhibits economic growth, which lowers the standard of living, the cost of which are lives. How merciless.

That is just stunning government stupidity or arrogance. Either way, it is an inexcusable assault on liberty.

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