Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists

Detailed article outlining the reasoning behind the need for the emergence of a pro-market party, not pr0-business party. This can be done either by re-branding the GOP or better yet, in my opinion, building a new conservative party based on classical liberal ideas of the enlightenment, supply side/Austrian school economic theory, and the founding documents strictly interpreted and underscored by historical events.


  1. The modern Republican/GOP platform is becoming increasingly statist. Neo-conservative views on war and nation-building combined with Hoover-like propaganda on "Buy American" goods create a party not entirely opposite than the Democrat. While using it for different means, both parties see the government as a tool to use for specific purposes.

    The best party is the one that abhors government altogether. Not one that nitpicks on this or that policy.

  2. Jesus Huerta de Soto says it best in the followig article:

  3. I read the article on Mises a few days ago and I was not impressed. Anarchocapitalism does not have any more of a true philosophical merit than classical liberalism. Anarchism would be beneficial if conditions were "such-and-such" and people acted in "certain manners." The same is true of classical liberalism.

    The difference lies, not least of all in ideology, but in implementation. The citizens will be more likely to adopt classical liberal reforms to limit government to a minarchist role than they will to do away with it entirely.