Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is it "fair" President Obama

President Obama,

Is it “fair” that a team lost by 1 point?
Is it “fair” for a child to be born in Rwanda?
Is it “fair” that J.W. Booth shot Lincoln?
Is it “fair” to have been Jackie Robinson?
Is it “fair” a child’s pregnant mother was on crack?
Is it “fair” a tornado touched down?
Is it “fair” that some kids’ parents get divorced?
Is it “fair” that Armstrong was the first on the moon?
Is it “fair” that free people make choices?
Is it “fair” that OJ was acquitted?
Is it “fair” when someone is born blind?
Is it “fair” to be Orville or Wilber Wright?
Is it “fair” to be afflicted with ALS?
Is it “fair” to get pregnant while in high school?
Is it “fair” some decide to save?
Is it “fair” to ride a plane that landed on the Hudson?
Is it “fair” that someone gets the last piece of pie?
Is it “fair” to work in the World Trade Center?
Is it “fair” Solyndra couldn’t compete?
Is it “fair” your Kansas born mother had a Ph.D.?
Is it “fair” that you went to Harvard?
Is it “fair” that Malia and Sasha’s dad is the President?
Is it “fair” that the $787 billion dollar stimulus passed?
Is it “fair” the Democrats hold the Senate?
Is it “fair” you get to ride on Air Force One?

You’re incessant call for society to be “fair,” sounds like a “tween” who does not have the cognitive capacity to even understand the basic realities of life in a dynamic universe of possibilities.

Life is not “fair” or “unfair,” it is the systemic results of infinite combinations of scientific and social circumstances, interactions and choices.

Anyone attempting to tell you otherwise is immature, foolish, or dangerous.


  1. Of course, someone narrow-minded as you would be unable to understand Obama's true message. It is not really about fairness, but about leveling the playing field and having compassion for those who, because of life's circumstances, will never get an opportunity to experience the "American Dream" no matter how hard they work.