Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Politics or power

Did the President indirectly try to bribe Reverend Jeremiah Wright to keep him quiet during the 2008 Presidential campaign?

Here are the facts:

Reverend Jeremiah Wright was a liability to Barack Obama’s Presidential run in 2008. On audio tape Reverend Wright said he was offered $150,000 bribe to stop talking during Obama 2008 campaign. Eric Whitaker was the person Wright said made the offer.

Whitaker has been very close friends with President Obama since their time together in the early 1990s at Harvard. He has joined the first family on every single one of their August and Christmas vacations since 2008. He’s also been involved in official capacities with the Obama campaign. He and his wife, Cheryl, hosted a Chicago fundraiser for the president in January. Convicted felon Tony Rezko, on Obama’s recommendation, hired Whitaker in 2003 to run the Illinois Department of Public Health.In 2010, Whitaker working as chief of the DPH was the subject of a federal probe. Whitaker was also closely involved in the Senate-seat-selling Blagojevich scandal. According to the president’s own report on the issue, Blagojevich’s deputy governor contacted Whitaker in early November 2008 to ask “who spoke for the president-elect” on the question of who should be appointed. Whitaker then went to Obama, who said he had no interest in the issue — thereby insulating himself from the scandal.

 If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, at worse, it might just be a crime; at best, it is a transparent window into the Presidents character and political power aspirations.

 Looks like it’s time for further investigation.

 Dean Kalahar Sources: Patrick Brennan, National Review Fox News Edward Klein, The Amateur

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