Monday, November 5, 2012

Election predictions 2012

The polls are statistically skewed in favor of Obama and Romney is ahead or is ahead by a larger margin than shown.

The electorate has been hesitant to be negative toward Obama when asked by pollsters due to “white guilt” and the fear of being called racist.

Romney will win the Presidency in 2012 easily by a solid margin.

The Obama team will act as if they are shocked by the margins they will argue that foul play must have been used.

The voting for all intents and purposes will go well.

An Obama win is the defining signals that the nation has lost its cultural roots and principles, is forever changed, and will continue its decline in the footsteps of other great civilizations.

An Obama win will move us closer to a social revolution sometime in the future.

A social revolution could become violent.

I believe a strong third party will emerge in 2016 to the right of the GOP if Obama is re-elected and the Republican Party will fade.

The Benghazi scandal will unfold and a President Obama may be forced to resign in his second term sometime after replacing his Vice President.

Of course these are just predictions, I could be wrong.

Here is what I said 4 years ago.

Morning of November 4, 2008

If Barack Obama is elected president, one of the primary reasons will be to end the psychological pathologies afflicting many Americans and send a message of compassion and reconciliation to show the world the principles of the Western Enlightenment are alive but not necessary well. The cost of this moral self-exaltation will be to move America further to the left and much closer to a collectivist state. The irony of this electoral shift, although an ideal of natural law, could sow the seeds of an intellectually inconsistent ideology that, when cultivated, will destroy the very principles that allowed for such a society to prosper. The true test of the American experiment will then be in the hands of the Constitution, to see if it can withstand human nature and continue to uphold the principles of classical liberal understanding from which it was created. If it shows the fatal flaws the founders warned of, America will get the change it does not deserve by dishonoring the blood it so valiantly offered. May providence again save us from ourselves.

Dean Kalahar


  1. Wrong on every account!

  2. You apparently don't understand how polling works and fitting to a model work, but that's not surprising because you're hardly a quantitative "economist".

  3. How funny! You and Fox News were talking about how skewed the "liberal polls" were and look where that got you. Leaders that mirror your beliefs have 0% chance of ever being elected President in our great nation, how about that for a prediction?

  4. I think it was the Romney team that was shocked! Romney was so confident that he hadn't even prepared a concession speech.