Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Parties die, principles do not

The Republican party is dead.

What we have seen is the slow migration to the left within America's two party system with the Democrat Party is on the far left and the Republican Party left of center.

But parties are created by fallible men, while the principles of natural law - life, liberty, property- are beyond the control of men.

The classical liberal philosophical principles of the enlightenment that were embraced by our founding fathers will never die.

As with all vacuums of power, principle and conscience, this void of non-representation will be filled.

The question is, will it be filled in our statehouses or in our streets?


  1. I'm struggling to grasp what I'm reading here. The GOP has moved farther to the left? Are you just choosing to ignore the Tea Party movement, or are you not affiliating them w the GOP? This country doesn't have legitimate third parties (now), the TP is an extension of the GOP, and I fail to see how this has moved the GOP anywhere but farther to the right.

    The disconnect you're talking about is the fact that voters can't seem to connect with what the GOP is trying to sell. Liberty, Freedom, Fairness, Principle, etc...are amorphous at an individual level. Even within the context of something like the Constitution, they are loaded and subjective terms. While I agree that there are 'more accurate' ways of interpreting them, they are subjective.

    My point in saying this is that what I largely heard the GOP trying to convince voters of in the 2012 election was that the GOP was the party to increase the amount of these confusing, abstract concepts. "Liberty" is an idea, it's not an economic policy. I'm not saying BO and the Dems had some amazing set of policies, they didn't, but what they had was an slowly decreasing unemployment rate, somewhat promising consumer confidence data, and the ever popular "we can't vote this guy out after 4 years" thing (it worked for Bush43, right?).

    My real point here is your entire post reads like some ideological call to arms. And your prior (hilarious) post gets all into religious, familial, and other stuff.

    Dude, Americans are tired of that crap. The GOP should have been able to mop Barry's floor using his record and record alone. For real. They lost b/c they chose to yell and scream about confusing "ideals" that are hard to imagine in real life, things that abstract so far away from the machinations of real life they are basically anecdotes for anyone other than nerds like you and me, and they put up against Barry one of the richest people to ever seek the nomination, whose biggest claims to fame were universal health care as governor, and socializing the pain of industrial reorganzition while privatizing the profits.

    Seriously man. You seem like a pretty smart guy, too.

  2. The current state of Republicanism is debateable. The 'Left' liberalism is pretty set in stone; the 'Right' has been a very flip-flop party ballot these last few years; even Bush was only a moderate Republican. Many Conservatives were upset that he became our representative in the 2000 election(I personally think he did an at least 'OK' job). But the last few Republican candidates got their votes with the mind-set that "I guess he won't destroy the country to the same degree as the other guy." McCain, Romney... And again, Bush, although I won't say it was as much that state-of-mind with him. We need another Reagan.