Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inflation and Deficits

By Walter Williams


  1. Kleptocracy is now the new word of the day.

  2. I wonder at what point America crossed the Rubicon and left it's republican roots behind and moved towards a socialist state. Hoover and Roosevelt are too late in the game. The Progressives of the 1900s are late as well. Could it have begun with Lincoln and the Civil War or the American System of Henry Clay and the Whigs? Or could it have begun with the philosophy of the Federalists under Hamilton? The federalists advocated strong, expansive government, high tariffs, and public work projects, so maybe that's where it all began in America...

    Either way, here's an article that sounds like the normal high schooler/college student and the rebuttals by Thomas Woods.

  3. Thank you Chris, I read that article and bookmarked it for another read when I'm bored.

    It was fantastic, and honestly, quite representative of the idiocy I deal with on a (almost) daily basis by pseudo-intellectuals barking about Sorelian socialism or corrupt Wall Streeters. Especially amusing is the look on people's faces when I speak badly of the New Deal; as if a political leader knew better than market forces as to how to realign production. Puh-leaze.