Friday, September 18, 2009

Who would be in the "Third" Continental Congress?

Here is a fun mental exercise.

If we were to convene a third Continental Congress to re-write the Constitution in order to stop the abuses of the current federal government, what 50 Americans would be best suited to act in the spirit of the founding fathers to meet such a momentous challenge? Here are my ideas, in no particular order. Please offer yours by posting comments.

1. Thomas Sowell, economist
2. Walter Williams, economist
3. Tom Coburn, senator
4. Sarah Palin, governor
5. Charles Barkley, NBA
6. Dennis Miller, comedian
7. James Dobson, religious leader
8. Michelle Malkin, columnist
9. Peggy Noonan, former Reagan speech writer, columnist
10. Marrianne Jennings, columnist
11. Larry Elder, columnist
12. Shelby Steele, author
13. Donald Trump, developer
14. Lou Holtz, football coach
15. Alan Keyes, scholar
16. James Q. Wilson, scholar
17. James McWhorter, scholar/linguistics
18. Steven Carter,scholar ,Yale
19. Steven Pinker, scholar, MIT
20. Neil Armstrong, astranaut
21. Ted Nugent, rock singer,hunter
22. Rush Limbaugh, radio personality
23. Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House
24. Barbara Bush, Wife of 41st President
25. H.Lee.Scott Jr.-Former CEO. Walmart
26. Art Laffer, economist
27. Jack Welch, former head GE
28. Rudi Gulianni, former mayor, NY
29. Larry Kudlow, economist
30. Emily Robinson, American

Other Nominees:

31. Ron Paul
32. John Stossel
33. Bill Gates


  1. It is sad to realize but our generation has no Hayek. We have no Von Mises, Hazlitt nor Rothbard. Friedman and Bastiat are conspicuously absent as well.

    Why is it the great men of the past are so much better than the ones we have now? (Hamilton over Geithner, Jefferson over Obama)

    In their absence, I suggest Ron Paul, John Stossel, perhaps Bill Gates?

  2. You forgot me

  3. Matt, well said and I could not agree more.