Friday, September 4, 2009

What they teach in college.

And you wonder why the American public is ignorant of practical economics.

Top 10 college courses they don't want you to know about.

1. Queer mobilities- Oberlin College
2. Philosophy of Star Trek-Georgetown
3. Radical thought from Karl Marx to George Bush- Hobart and William Smith Colleges
4. Fem Sex- Carleton College
5. Harry Potter lit- Ohio State
6. Video game studies- MIT
7. Tree climbing- Cornell
8. Maple Syrup- Alfred University
9. Stupidity- Occidental College
10. Zombies- Old Miss
Honorable mention: Arguing with Judge Judy-Berkeley

source: Fox News



    An article that ties Maslow's hierarchy into those who seek and hold office. Thought you'd like the psychological aspect.

  2. The key is to figure out how to elect self actualized people and not those who have neurotic needs for adoration and power.

    To get the right type of people in politics, you have to create the incentives or have a crisis that so alarms the morals and principles of the self actualized that a patriotic calling takes place, like that of the founders who joined together to build the Republic.

    We may just be heading in that direction.

  3. Lurching from crisis to crisis is not a particularly fair or desirable way to lead a nation. Instead of electing superheroes to save us in our times of crisis, like the Romans elected an emperor, the electoral system ought to be designed so that the self actualized are constantly in office.

    The key to that, Mr. Kalahar, is education. An educated mass can more safely elect those that are both: self actualized and in tune with the needs and wants of the people.