Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Job creation solution

The best jobs program the government can support right now is to give unemployed Americans the task of building the rest of the border fence. I have no problem having my tax dollars going to any American patriot who wants to work to secure our borders. Simple, effective, smart

The pro "comprehensive immigration" advocates/left will say that you can’t send back 13 million illegal’s, that it is impossible. Well I say, 13 million came here one at a time and 13 million can be deported, one at a time.

We are either a nation of laws or a lawless nation


  1. I don't understand why there is so much aggression towards immigrants. Why NOT grant amnesty? I have never heard any serious argument for denying citizenship other than "just because."

    Remember that deportation is another name for using force and coercion to move individual people against their will.

  2. It's pretty coincidental that you call out Obama on hypocrisy, when you are a hypocrite yourself. Your "American" heritage is phony. Nobody is American. Your ancestors were once illegal immigrants. Your beloved Christopher Columbus came to America and proceeded to take the land away from the natives. Sound familiar? Isn't that what you think the illegals are doing? From what you put out, you have a stable job as a school teacher, correct? Has any illegal immigrant threatened to take your career away, Dean? If you're so against having illegal immigrants breathe the same valuable air as you do, at least have a reason to back it up. You obviously went through a lot of schooling to get to where you are now, therefore no illegal immigrant could ever match your skills. You have no reason to even think about being threatened. So before you go telling your students to "check out your blog" so that they can see your biased, extremely conservative views, make sure you have a reason. Because honestly, you sound like a pretentious prick who's only degrading illegals because it's the "right" thing to do.

  3. Before making false assumptions about a group of people , in this case "illegals ", choose to educate yourself , and no WATCHING FOX NEWS OR GLENN BECK IS NOT A SOURCE OF LEGITIMATE EDUCATION. You probably don't know that an illegal alien is granted a tax I.D. by the government , and they CHOOSE to pay taxes, yes , income tax , just like the Americans, although they know that they don't get rewarded for that as we do . How do I know this ? Simple , before stating my opinion on a blog , I choose to first , educate myself , and get to know people. I've met many of illegals who do CHOOSE to pay their taxes , yet no credit is given to these hardworking people. Now I'm not justifying the crossing of the border , and I am aware of the fact that many people cross the border to give birth to babies merely for the American benefits , but isn't that exactly what our European ancestors did ? Ask yourself this ... If you ever had the misfortune of living in poor, third world country , and you knew your family was at risk and maybe suffering starvation , would you care about your neighbor country's laws , or would you care more about the safety of your family ? Americans tend to blame everyone else for their problems, but then complain when the American flag is being burnt in another country . In reality, America is the only one guilty of being disliked by other countries , and is now suffering the consequences of the prejudice and racism going on . It seems like a phase Americans must go through , always hating a foreign group , first it was east Europeans, Italians, Arabs , then going to the extreme of hating a group of religious people , the Muslims , even though the beloved constitution grants freedom of religion , and now it's a war against "THE BROWN PEOPLE ". Please Dean , all I ask from you is to educate yourself , and choose to go above and beyond whatever you use for information before making yourself sound like racist bigot.

  4. As much as I agree with a great deal of your views and ideas, I do believe that deporting illegals would do more harm than good. The cost to deport these immigrants would far exceed the cost to put them to work, giving them a job. I could understand if we secured our border and granted amnesty to those already in the country, but shipping off millions of people would not only anger the multicultural citizens of America, not to mention the fact that there would be a surplus of jobs that not many Americans would do. These are also human beings that may have been forced to come to the US due to circumstances not under their control. Put yourself in their shoes and survive.. it will be hard for almost anyone to do unless you've been there. Sending them back in some cases may as well be sentencing them to death, starvation, etc.