Monday, May 10, 2010

War update: technology and efficiency

New Sniper Kill Record: British Sniper Kills Two Taliban Machinegunners from a Over a Mile and a Half Away

A couple of Taliban locals got to play supporting parts in establishing a new sharpshooting record in Afghanistan: 2475 meters, or 1.54 miles:

Craig Harrison’s record breaking shots felled the insurgents with consecutive bullets – even though they were 3,200ft beyond the official range of his rifle.

The Household Cavalry veteran’s kills from a distance of 8,120ft beat the previous record by 150ft.

He was using the British-built L115A3 Long Range Rifle, the Army’s most powerful sniper weapon.

He was so far away that the 8.59mm-calibre bullets took almost three seconds to reach their target. Scores of Taliban gunmen have fallen to the gun which has been nicknamed The Silent Assassin.

It is only designed to be effective at up to 4,921ft – just less than a mile – and capable of only ‘ harassing fire’ beyond that range.

But Corporal Harrison took his record-breaking shots after his commander and Afghan soldiers were attacked during a patrol in Helmand in November last year.

From: The Blog of Record

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