Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More public sector union corruption

Pennsylvania Independent

Teachers Paid by Taxpayers for Union Work
Union work stipulations commonplace across the state


Pennsylvania Bucks County teachers are allowed up to 35 days a year off from actual teaching to instead work for their union . . . These types of contracts are commonplace across the state . . . There seems to be a mindset among those who like the status quo that it is acceptable to pay teachers for time when they are working for the union when they should be teaching our students.”

In the Download file Pennsbury contract it states “A total of thirty-five (35) teacher days upon request with advance notice will be granted for Association business,” . . . separate from vacation days or other paid-time off. The contract was originally for 2005-2009 but was renewed through June 2010. . .

When a teacher take this time off, the school pays for a substitute in addition to paying the teacher’s normal salary, even while they are not in the classroom.

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