Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adults who think like children

Victor Davis Hansen,
Americans became wealthy and strong through unique self-reliance, common sense, and delayed gratification. And we — or our children — will soon become poor precisely because we hold on to the romance that producing food and fuel and saving money are icky tasks to be ignored or left to others.


  1. Not a great article at all. He makes some valid points about saving versus spending, but when he starts in about drilling in America as a means to create "energy independence," he lost me.

    There are plenty of good economic arguments as to why drilling at home is not efficient (hello comparative advantage?), but he ignores these minor oversights and dreams of this self-sufficient autarky called America. He makes presumptions based on conventional wisdom, and as such, transforms what could be a great article into one lost to mediocrity.


  2. The utilities (water, energy, etc.) markets are over-regulated. If the gov't would butt out, the problem would fix itself. Is it too dry in the desert? Stop trying to freaking farm there then!!! Duh. Or, figure out a way to economically transport water. The author is also wrong when he says that we will bankrupt our country. We already have.