Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'll have a baby with my fries.

The casual nature of parenting is becoming an epidemic.

Startling information on social decay. Excerpts from Born Unequal
, by the Editors of National Review. If the family institution collapses, disaster occurs. To find out more, read http://freedom-choice-cost.blogspot.com/2009/05/canary-is-dead.html
“Childbearing by unmarried women has resumed a steep climb since 2002,” the (National Center for Health Statistics) NCHS reports. Between 2002 and 2007, the birth rate among unmarried women increased by 21 percent; since 1980, it has increased by 80 percent. In 2007, almost 40 percent of all births in the United States were to unmarried women. The out-of-wedlock birth rate among blacks was just under 72 percent, while the rate among non-Hispanic whites was nearly 28 percent. .

Between 2002 and 2006, the birth rate among unmarried Hispanic women jumped by 20 percent. In 2007, more than 51 percent of all Hispanic births were out of wedlock. . . This is retarding their assimilation, hindering their upward mobility, and exacerbating a bevy of social problems, such as gang activity. . .

out-of-wedlock birth rate among the white underclass “is probably now in the region of 70 percent,” while “the proportion for the white working class may be above 40 percent. The white middle class is approaching 20 percent — a scarily high figure when you think about all the ways that the middle class has been the spine of the nation.” By contrast, at the top of the income ladder — among the “white overclass” — Murray estimates that the out-of-wedlock birth rate “is probably about 4 or 5 percent, tops.”


  1. Hmmm but is it because of stress that sexual activity has risen in our society or is it a natural trend because of out oversexed society on whole?

    -Your Student

  2. Would you rather they bear the child or abort prematurely?

    Of course your answer would be to restrain that kind of behavior so as to slow the trend, but this is an interesting question.

    Are you more pro-family, or pro-baby?

  3. Stress causes people to increase their procreation behavior? That is a new one to me. Maybe we can blame all cultural issues to stress. Yea, that sounds about where we are in America. Thanks for the comments. Keep them comming.

    p.s. I am pro-family which is pro-baby.