Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Green" is code for anti-capitalism

First of all, the term "green" is an oxymoron. If "green" means the environment, then all energy sources are "green." Maybe "green" energy should be called non-fossil fuel energy with some carbon costs?

Tony Blankley cites sound research on green energy job creation.
In March, one of Spain's leading universities, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, published an authoritative study "of the effects on employment of public aid to renewable energy sources." The report pointed out: "This study is important for several reasons. First is that the Spanish experience is considered a leading example to be followed by many policy advocates and politicians. This study marks the very first time a critical analysis of the actual performance and impact has been made. Most important, it demonstrates that the Spanish/EU-style 'green jobs' agenda now being promoted in the U.S. in fact destroys jobs, detailing this in terms of jobs destroyed per job created."

The central finding of the study is that -- treating the data optimistically -- for every renewable-energy job that the government finances, "Spain's experience … reveals with high confidence, by two different methods, that the U.S. should expect a loss of at least 2.2 jobs on average, or about 9 jobs lost for every 4 created."


  1. If they keep this up, I wonder if they can drive us into negative employment?

  2. true that --Mal

  3. The purpose of an open mind is to close it, on particular subjects. If you never do — you've simply abdicated the responsibility to think.

  4. Mr. Wolak, again an intellectual comment. There are facts, realities, and truths in the word. The de-constructionists need to deal with it.